35+ Inspiring Personal Portfolio Websites in 2023

Polar Sun Designs is a portfolio website showcase of artist James Bassett’s vividly colorful work, experiments in shape and color. His work is on sale through his online store, neatly displayed in grid-style on the home page. Obladee is a UK based design studio focused on branding projects. Obladee’s simple, to-the-point portfolio website delivers on this brief by presenting its services and select brand design projects in a neatly designed home page.

Sean Halpin’s full-stack developer portfolio typifies attaining coherence through unified soft textures and pastel colors. The portfolio website concerned epitomizes inventiveness and a non-conventional approach to website building. The designer takes 3D-design’s implications for website building to a new level. The integrative feature of the webpage makes a user’s experience with it more entertaining.

Johan Digital

Jay Indino, a gifted visual designer from Hawaii, has used his portfolio to show his obsession with Swiss design and International Typographic styles. As you may have guessed, his website has clean and neat aesthetics with minimal details that reveal the creative nature of the artist who can see beauty in simple things. Don’t just fill your portfolio with random pieces but add content that tells something about you and provides value to the overall portfolio.

web designer portfolio

Unfortunately, building an online presence and portfolio isn’t something that comes easily to many freelance web designers. You’d rather be doing great work for your clients than talking about yourself and your skills. Scrolling through the template reveals sections where designers building portfolios can add high-quality images of their past projects in the column on the right. Each image pairs with a box to add copy and a title so you can describe the projects and draw potential clients further into the site.


It is designed as an infinite canvas that you can explore by dragging the mouse in any direction you want. As you press and hold a mouse button, the previews become blurry and wavy, but they go back to normal as soon as you release the mouse button. Leo Parpeix is a creative art director and interactive designer from France.

web designer portfolio

Johan Digital demonstrates in this stunning portfolio that all you need is a single scroll in communicating the quality of your work. As a result, companies are putting more emphasis on website design, and it’s reflected in the job market. Jobs in this field are growing 23 percent faster than the national average, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) [2].

Inspiring Personal Portfolio Websites in 2023

We’ve collected some amazing examples of portfolio websites from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect portfolio web design today. This portfolio looks rather simple on its face, but interactive features really bring it to life and showcase the ability of the designer. Color choices bring Stefano De Rosa’s portfolio to life as well with a simple palette that’s not commonly seen. The most fun feature might be the pointer icon; it’s a solid green circle until you get to a click-element and then it pops into a fun feathered circle of the same color. Sometimes the schtick of a design that matches the work can be too much, but the 1s and 0s feel of this portfolio are outside the norm.

web designer portfolio

Jobs in graphic design, full stack development, web development, front end development, software development, and animation fields can benefit from a web designer portfolio. However, be sure to tweak your professional portfolio and tailor it to your respective profession. It creates a visual impact that still guarantees a good usability, which makes it a great option for a web design portfolio homepage. Each side of the screen is made to hold content, making it a great opportunity to showcase your strong points together. Wix offers many of the same tools and services as Squarespace but with a few more design options, providing more creative control.

Best web design portfolio using motion effects

With bright color and a touch of code style, this is an approachable option that shows you exactly what this web developer does. While not a specific portfolio for a particular person or agency, this template makes an excellent base for a web design portfolio because it’s fully customizable to meet your needs. The You X template includes extensive pages, features, ecommerce options, and an editable Figma file available after purchase.

  • With consistent layouts and built-in mobile responsiveness, Empathy delivers bold, beautiful, and professional design.
  • Over half of the total internet browsing now happens on mobile devices.
  • I just love digging around portfolio websites for design inspiration.
  • Each project also has a unique breakdown of the process and a direct link to the final version of the project website.
  • Being able to communicate is just the start, companies want a responsive designer too.

Talented Singapore-based brand strategist and web designer Sandy Galabada has derived his inspiration from a flamboyant retro era. Instead of getting swept away in this direction, he has created https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-web-designer/ a symbiosis of vintage and modern styles that instantly drives engagement. Amalia Boiler is a London-based interior designer with a massive craving for creating timeless solutions.

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This subtle animation demonstrates Ali’s skill set in action within his portfolio. MN STUD.IO’s portfolio displays founder Mark Noble’s background in motion design and web development. This portfolio is designed with its audience of ambitious businesses looking to build their brand in mind.

Plus, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each website building platform with designers in mind. One of the websites that best demonstrate Victor’s creativity is the website dedicated to Käthe Kollwitz’s art. The intriguing loading animation shows a bunch of animated swirly lines filling up the background as if someone were scribbling across the page. In the midst of all that mess, there is Käthe’s name seemingly written with chalk. The website allows viewers to discover more about Käthe and her legacy by following a timeline. For instance, each time you reach a new chapter in Käthe’s story, the color of the background changes.

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